Path to success With Daniel Martin and Patrick Wehrly


Path to success With Daniel Martin


Ep.12 – Mid Year Outlook on 2022

Taking a look at where we are now to be more comfortable for the future.
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Ep. 11 – The Importance of Long Term Care

Going over the basic information to provide the best information for planning long-term care.
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Ep. 10 – Fear Series Finale

This is the last episode of our 10-part series on fear.
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Ep. 9 – Exercise is the Best Medicine

Refresh your body and mind by getting up and moving!
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Ep. 8 – The Power of Psalm 91

What comforts you? For some, relying on their faith helps bring them comfort and security for the times ahead.
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Ep. 7 – Your Fear Fighting Diet

Food, fatigue, and frustration- ingredients for a health disaster.
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Ep. 6 – Conquering The Fear Of The Bull

Are you spending more time complaining or taking action? Here’s how to take charge of your finances head on.
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Ep. 5 – Three Ways To Bring Back Your Financial Peace

We’ll give you action items that you can start doing today to take back control of your financial peace of mind.
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Ep. 4 – Tax-Free Income Plans

Explore the benefits of a tax-free income plan and the difference between traditional and Roth accounts.
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Ep. 3 – Financial Tools To Combat Fear

Discover what financial resources could be available to you to possibly diminish your financial fears.
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